A Surprised letter from Richman Chi - Korea OfficeHello Andrew, Wow,wow.... it is a big surprise and pleasant to hear from you! Sure I remember you!! I even recall, in the hotel that you and Joseph stayed, that I explained you the background story of my name "Richman Chi".(My 系統傢俱English name Richman is from a quarrel between Joe O'brien and myself). Do you remember this interesting story yet? Yap , I also remember that I wanted to invit you a home dinner, Time is really flying. Our first met was in the 20th century and now we are living in the 辦公室出租21st century! This is really "a long time no see". I miss the old days and old gangs! Let's celebrate the "1st global LINMARK REUNION" on Sept 24/25. Let's go back to the old days and chat our golden time episode! P/S: Do you have contact with Tony Ang? I miss 系統家具Tony's friendly face very much. Stephen: I am sure you will be in the party. I hate to imagine the party without your professional singing! Best regards, Richman

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